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Activist of the Day: Chris Pesto


Chris Pesto, a junior drama major at Syracuse University, felt uncomfortable when he saw Open-Air Campaigner evangelist Michelle Deferio standing on campus with her anti-gay sign, so he decided to create a bit of his own drama:

Writes Pesto: “This woman was wearing a ankle-length corduroy skirt, which, as we all know, is a fashion nono. So, in order to make her feel uncomfortable, I stood next to her and held a sign that said Corduroy skirts are a sin! I don’t think I have ever drawn so much attention in my life. SO many people asked to take a picture with me, I got laughs, high fives and there were the few that even cursed off the woman standing behind me. As I drew interest to what was going on with myself and the woman with the hateful sign, I started to draw a crowd that stood with me in support. Before I knew it I had 100+ people holding signs for gay rights asking people to honk their horns to support. I was interviewed by a news station, and more than 5 student organization papers, and the post standard of syracuse.”

(via slog)

This happened on November 18th, 2009. Two weeks later on December 2nd, New York Senate voted against legalizing gay marriage in the state. Hate and fear are a sin.